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Welcome to the new VMAXSCART website!
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Whats an Ideal engine spec for these kits?

998 plus 20 thou Power max type high quality pistons, 12g295 ported head with 33x29 valves (or 12g940 head used with the decompression plate- this gives the necessary valve clearance over the block) , balance rotating assembly, our billet supercharger cam, 2.9:1 final drive for 90 bhp/6000 rpm 90ftlbs /4000 rpm  

1293/1312cc Omega 18cc dish forged pistons (0.020 thou or 0.040) these are the heart of the engine so get the best ! Good modified cylinder head with 35.7x31mm race valves, our billet supercharger cam,  basic balanced rotating assembly and conrods, uprated clutch -turbo verto or grey cover pre verto road weight flywheel, taller final drive 2.7:1 in the gearbox, helical cut gears. this should give 145 bhp/6000 rpm /150 ftlbs -4000 rpm 

MGB B series , lightly modified ported head , plus mild or standard cam.

Is this suitable for any engine  ?

As long as its in good condition : has good oil pressure, does not use any oil, and  no crank case breathing, then yes ! You can supercharge your existing engine or build an engine to suit. Different kits are listed here for A series inline and Minis; MPI/SPI or carb models, SPI's can be run on a carb supercharger kit with a distributor and using a fuel regulator (see parts) to keep the current fuel system if emission limit are less important. 

Also listed are BMC B series engines found in the MGB MGA etc ; In standard engine configurations the compression is usually low enough to not require the decompression plate (a plate used to lower the compression ratio of the engine) 

Both A and B series kits demand good fuel and cooling systems : Radiators and fuel pumps must be in good order to suit the extra demands of the supercharged engine  Ideally its a good idea to source  a new or uprated electric fuel pump and a larger alloy radiator to keep temps down with the extra power demands.

Why isn't the carburetor rubber mounted?

The carburetors are modified to run a solid mounting in this application. Its tried and tested specifically for this kit due to axis of inetia from the carnk centerline. 

What kind of superchargers do we use?

We use Eaton M65 and M45 superchargers, they are pre-owned, rebuilt and modified to suit application.

How long has VMAX been making Supercharger kits?

The First Eaton supercharger kit using the M45 from Eaton was made by me early 2003, previously I had been Turbocharging Minis, from 1989.

Are there extra fees or import costs?

Sometimes there are import cost - duty or vat you need to check with your Countrys' import/ customs office.