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Welcome to the new VMAXSCART website!
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Fuel Injected Superchargers

Is it easy to install a fuel injected setup?

This can be a conversion kit to an already injected mini (MPI/SPI) or to a carbureted car with some modification required. For a car that does not have fuel injection fitted previously such as the MGB we supply a flying lead wiring loom that will require cutting to letgh and terminating to suit components used.

Why would I want a Fuel Injected setup instead of a carburetor?

Increases in fuel economy, torque and tractability over a carburetor type conversion. Smooth idle from start up with an idle control valve, less engine wear due to tighter fuel control, meets stricter emission limits, pre-set cooling fan temperature switching, wide-band AFRcontrol of the fuel map, digital dashes are  all  benefits of running a mappable ECU.

What ECU should I use?

You can use a familiar ECU to you or your country or the very popular and easy to program Emerald K6.