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Welcome to the new VMAXSCART website!
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satin black supercharger kit
gloss black supercharger kit
satin black supercharger kit
tartan red supercharger kit
candy apple red supercharger kit
dual drive front pulley
duel drive front pulley
billet 6061 inlet manifold
satin black supercharger kit

MGB /MGA B series supercharger kit for 1800cc inline applications.

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Vmaxscart B series MGB  supercharger kit based on our best selling A series kit, Complete with pulleys , belt, supercharger, option to choose the pre jetted and modified  45 DCOE carburetor or to use your own one as required, decompression plate, air filter and  gaskets etc. An easy DIY fit and adds around 35 bhp and 35 lbs ft to what you currently have. Our Cast alloy inlet manifold developed by F1 engineers is used, giving rigid mounting with high airflow, this has a  water jacket incorporated for charge cooling to suit hotter climates, see list of additions when ordering to select chargecooler extra parts  ( an additional pump, reservoir and radiator)

The kit is ultimately designed for standard or mildly tuned engines, in rev ranges 1200-5000rpm . A decompression plate supplied (stainless shim fitted between two Payen composite gaskets)  in the kit to reduce the compression ratio if your engines compression ratio has been increased ( ideally 8.5:1 compression is required and some standard engines have this so the decompression plate although supplied will not need to be fitted) .

 The Eaton Supercharger is modfied with our cast alloy inlet section to allow fitment of the DCOE carb with increased inlet port area. And a new (2023) High velocity bypass system speeds throttle enrichment for the engine to quicken throttle response and incraese torque  especially at small throttle openings . A new 6061 annodised alloy front pulley provides a vee drive for the existing water pump/alternator and an extra drive for the supercharger, these two opposing belts give acoustic damping to delete engine harmonics.

Will it fit all B's?  ;  Earlier export cars may need the tappet chest breather canister modifying if fitted (some early US/Canadian spec cars have this) And the radiator may need spacing further foward (about an inch) to give clearance on the top hose.

 Engines with high performance high lift  cams are less suitable due to overlap, but still can be used, and the lower compression gained by fitting the decompression plate will tame the cams current lumpy idle and smooth the power band.

The kit is pictured below on my inca yellow1978 MGB roadster, this was used to tune and develop the kit in 2020.

 Stock is based on components to make a kit, please allow 3 weeks for kit build from ordering . 

VAT applies in UK , Local import taxes may apply in your country. 

Basic kit listed  Includes -see below to add options- :

 6061 billet manifold, pulleys, gaskets, decompression plate, fitting hardware, tensioner, air filter, twin drive front pulley, and  Instructions.


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